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Clearlake Road (SR 501) Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study

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Study Team Members

Below is a list of study team members that may need to make entry onto your property sometime during this PD&E Study for the purpose of conducting land surveys and gathering environmental and geotechnical data.

FDOT is the government agency responsible for the study's development. Personnel from FDOT will routinely visit the study site.
Scalar Consulting Group Inc. is the prime consultant under contract with FDOT for the study.

Subconsultants to Scalar Consulting Group:

RADISE International, L.C. will perfrom geotechnical evaluations for the study.
I.F. Rooks & Associates, Inc. will provide aerial photogrammetry for the study.
E Sciences, Inc. will perform contamination evaluations for the study.
Quest Ecology Inc. will perfrom environmental (wildlife and wetland) screening evaluations for the study.
Lochrane Engineering, Inc. will provide surveying and mapping for the study.
Laura Turner Planning Services will provide Public Involvement support for the study.
Florida Transportation Engineers, Inc. will provide traffic analysis for the study.
KB Environmental Sciences, Inc. will provide Air and Noise surveys for the study.
Florida Property Consultants Group, Inc. will provide right-of-way cost estimates for the study.
SEARCH will provide archaeological and historic evaluations for the study.


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